【Note】Welcome to 4Games! Thanks for using our products and services (“Services”). Please read this Terms of Service (“Terms”) (especially for those contents underlined in bold) carefully. By accessing or using any Services of 4Gmes, you agree to be bound by this Terms. It is recommended that minors read the content under parental supervision and instruction.If you do not agree to any content in this Terms, please do not register to 4Games or use its Services.

1. General

The 4Games Platform is operated by Perfect Online Holding Limited. This Terms constitute a legal agreement between the user and Perfect Online Holding Limited and its Affiliates.
"Affiliate" means, with respect to Perfect Online Holding Limited, any other company which, is or will be controlled by, under common control with, or in control of, Perfect Online Holding Limited. (Perfect Online Holding Limited and its Affiliates in this Terms are collectively referred to as “Perfect World” or “PW”).
"User" or “you” refers to the individual who is willing to accept or has actually accepted the Services of 4Games.

2. Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms

This Terms applies to all 4Games Services. Users are bound by this Terms when they use any 4Games Services. Where the Users use any 4Games Services, it will be deemed that the Users have agreed to the service terms of the single service and various announcements released by PW.
The User acknowledges and agrees that:Once the User clicks “Accept” or “Agree”, or actually uses the Services of 4Games, it shall mean that the User has fully read this Terms, agrees to come to the agreement with PW and that the User is willing to bounded by this Terms. The User shall have no right to defense on the ground that he/she has not read the contents of this Terms in any disputes in the future.
The User acknowledges and agrees that: he/ she shall abide by various provisions of 4Games and Customer Service Center (FAQ), including but not limited to, top-up policy, game management rules, players’ trading regulations, GM service policy, plug-in handing process, pilfer data handing process and other regulations, which are part of this Terms and have the same effect as this Terms.

3. Changes to Terms

The User acknowledges and agrees that:PW may amend this Terms and any relevant rules of Services at any time in its sole discretion. Amendments and modifications will be effective immediately after publishing them on 4Games or otherwise providing you a copy thereof, and you waive any right you may have to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications. The User agrees to and is responsible for checking this Terms and any rules of Services periodically so as to be familiar with their contents as they may be amended or modified from time to time. If the User does not agree to these service terms and relevant service rules or the modifications made by Perfect World, the User may decide of his/her own accord to discontinue the use of Services provided by Perfect World. Where the User continues to use the Services provided by Perfect World after modification of the agreement or service terms by Perfect World, it will be deemed that the User agrees to all modifications of these service terms and relevant service rules made by Perfect World. Perfect World shall assume no responsibility for any loss due to the User’s unfamiliarity with the stipulations issued after the modification of service terms.

4. Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership

The copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and any other intellectual property right, ownership rights or other rights of all information, materials and technologies (including related software) used, embodied in, or in connection with the Services of 4Games  are owned by Perfect World and its obligee. Without prior legal authorization from Perfect World or its obligee, the User has no right to modify, copy, spread, transmit, exhibit, implement, copy, issue, authorize, produce derivative works, transfer or sell any information, materials, software, products and services. If the User fails to abide by the above stipulations of this article, Perfect World may immediately terminate all Services to the User without any prejudice to any other rights; and the User shall destroy all information, materials, software or products obtained. Meanwhile, Perfect is entitled to claim compensation and other claimable rights as stipulated in the laws against the User.
The User agrees not to use 4Games Services through any other interfaces other than that is provided by PW. The User acknowledges and agrees to immediately inform the Customer Service Center of PW of any violation of of this Terms or other service rules.
All data arising out of the use of Perfect World’s software or its Services by the User, including but not limited to, account data, game data and system derivative data shall be owed by PW. The User is only entitled to use the aforesaid data and information in accordance with this Terms and relevant game rules.
The User acknowledges and agrees that:All data on all servers, including but not limited to virtual items, provided by Perfect World is owned by Perfect World. Without affecting normal Services, Perfect World shall decide whether or not to keep all or partial data on the servers on its own discretion.
Data of all virtual items in Perfect World’s Services, including but not limited to GCoins, gold ingots, silver ingots, gold, silver, game coins, props and outfits, etc., are part of the Services provided by Perfect World, and are owned by Perfect World. The User can use them only in compliance with applicable law and this Terms. The virtual items may be obtained by game activities, reward activities, donations, exchange and top-up. User’s exchange or transfer of virtual items in this Terms means the exchange or transfer of the right of use. The User has no right to exchange/transfer the ownership of virtual items.

5. 4Games Account

The “4Games Account” in this Terms refers to the lawful and effective account registered by the User. Perfect World provides various Services to the User by its own operation system through the website. The User is required to prepare all equipment relating to the use of hardware, software and Internet access. And the User shall be responsible for all fees relating to telephone and Internet access charges along with all necessary equipment. The User shall get a 4Games account after the successfully registration. The User agrees to accept various Services provided by PW by using these Services. The User acknowledges and agrees that:Account is unchangeable once set, while password may be changed on 4Games.
The User acknowledges and agrees that: Every registration of a 4Games account constitutes one independent service contract. However, Perfect World can conduct independent or unified management of different accounts under the same user name at its own discretion. When creating a 4Games account, the User agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information as requested and agrees to undertake relevant legal responsibilities for the information provided according to the law and this Terms. The Users can update or change their registration after logging in. However, some information can only be modified after the examination and verification by PW due to its importance, like security questions and personal ID numbers. The User should provide personal identity certification documents to PW for examination and verification. Once these documents have been received, PW will provide an effective and timely service.
Perfect World may examine the authenticity and validity of identity information provided by the User. If that information has proved to be untrue, inaccurate or unlawful, Perfect World may immediately suspend providing Services to the User. The Users agree that their authentic and accurate 4Games Platform account registration information will be regarded as the only evidential relation of their 4Games account. Where the User claims that he/she owns a 4Games account, of which the identity information recorded in Perfect World is inconsistent with that of the User, Perfect World has the right to deny his/her claim.

6. Account, Password and Security

The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of 4Games account, password and related identity information and certificates. The User is solely responsible for all activities and transactions that occur under his/ her account. Anyone using the account will be deemed as the User himself/herself, and his/her activities will be deemed as the User's actives and all responsibilities shall be borne by the User. The User acknowledges and agrees that: Email is the only way to retrieve the password of 4Games account. PW will remind the User to complete email authentication after the registration. For account security, the User should complete email authentication as soon as possible. The User shall undertake any consequence resulting from the failure of Email authentication, including without limitation, divulging of password or other issues.
Perfect World shall actively take reasonable measures combining technologies and management to ensure the security and effectiveness of the User’s account. The User should properly store his/her account and password, and use his/her account and password in a correct and safe way. Failure to meet the aforesaid obligation, the responsible party shall remedy for any damages to the User and others arising out of the loss or burglary of account and password.
The User acknowledges and agrees that: Perfect World is entitled to establish different security levels according to the importance of Services. And PW has right to require the User to provide corresponding identity authentication information and related documents, including but not limited to account, password, telephone number, date of birth, security information, super identity authentication code and originals or copies of identity certificates (such as ID Card, passport etc.). Any applicant who has passed the identity authentication shall be deemed as the account owner and shall get access to Services as his/her application. The User owning the account shall be liable for all consequences.   
For the security of the account, it is strongly recommended that the User shall not reveal or provide the account or password to others, or lend or transfer the account to others. The User acknowledges and agrees that: The User shall bear the losses caused by the disclosure of account and password due to the User’s fault or virus or Trojan infection of the User’s computer. The Users will not be asked for their password by the staff of Perfect World in any form, including but not limited to the website and forum administrators and customer service personnel. To protect your account from being stolen, please follow the following preventive measures: not to use oversimplified or easy-to-guess passwords, not to use a password which is the same as an account name, not to share an account with multiple persons, not to install illegal or unknown programs, to exit the game before leaving in public places such as net bars. If the User loses his/her password, Perfect World reserves the right to claim for extra expenses for providing the service specific to the issue.
The User agrees to immediately notify PW of any unauthorized or abnormal use of account according to the disposal method issued by Perfect World. And the User has right to notify Perfect World to temporarily suspend the login and use of such account with providing valid personal identity information as registered. Perfect World shall immediately take measures to temporarily terminate the login and use of the account after verifying the personal identity information. Perfect World shall be liable for the loss of the User caused by failing to take measures to temporarily terminate the login and use of the account in time. If the User fails to provide a valid personal identity certificate, or the personal identity certificate provided by the User is inconsistent with that registered, Perfect World is entitled to refuse the above request of the User.
Perfect World will provide some free or rechargeable auxiliary tools for protection of account password. However, the User acknowledges and agrees that: These tools can only improve the account and password security to a certain degree, and Perfect World can not guarantee a absolute security of the account password by using these auxiliary means.
The User acknowledges and agrees that: Perfect World has right to restore server data to a certain time point when any the abnormality shows up without incurring any liabilities, including data exception caused by program bugs.

7. Privacy Protection

The User acknowledges and agrees that: In order to provide better Services to the User, Perfect World will collect and integrate the User’s personal data when the User is willing to select the service or provide information. When the User uses the Services of Perfect World, the server will automatically record some information, including but not limited to, URL, IP address, type of browser, language, and visit date and time etc. To make the User log in 4Games or use the Services of Perfect World more easier, Perfect World may use cookies and other technologies to store those information in servers when necessary. The User can make option to blocking the cookies. If the User disables cookies completely, the User may not be able to log in or use the Services or functions that rely on cookies. The data collected by Perfect World will become part of the conventional commercial files of Perfect World, and may be transferred to the successor or the designated party due to transfer, merger, acquisition, restructuring or other reasons. Perfect World agrees to use the data collected in good faith, and take various measures to ensure the security of the data.
It is a basic policy of Perfect World to respect the User’s privacy. Perfect World will not publicize or disclose the User’s registration information or personal data, unless Perfect World believes faithfully it is necessary to disclose the data under the following circumstances:
(1) To disclose the User’s registration information, the contents posted by the User on 4Games and posting time, and Internet address or domain name as required by relevant laws, including enquires of corresponding governmental authorities;
(2) To maintain and safeguard the intellectual property and other important rights of PW;
(3) To maintain the privacy security of the User and the public in case of emergency; 
(4) Other circumstances as required by the relevant stipulations of the Terms or necessary circumstances . 
PW may cooperate with a third party to provide relevant Services to the User. If the third party is a corporation and provides User with equivalent privacy protection, like a telecom operator, a payment channel provider, a virtual item trader or media etc., PW shall be entitled to provide the User’s data to the third party.  
For more details about privacy protection, please refer to the 4Games Privacy Policy.

8. Price Policy

The User may be charged for using some items and Services provided by Perfect World. In this case, Perfect World will give explicit prompts on relevant pages. If the User refuses to pay such fees, he/she will not be able to use corresponding items and Services.
The User can decide to accept or refuse using rechargeable items and Services at his/her own discretion. The User agrees to pay the fees in accordance with the related charge provisions of Perfect World when using the rechargeable items and Services. If the User refuses to pay or defaults on relevant fees, Perfect World is entitled to suspend such items or Services and recover the loss and compensation in accordance with the law.
Perfect World has the right to decide and modify the charging standard and charging method for the items and Services, including from FREE to PAID. Perfect World may formulate different charging standards and methods for different items and Services or for different stages of the provided items and Services. In addition, Perfect World may also modify its price policy from time to time. Perfect World will release the charging standard, charging methods, purchasing methods and other related information of the price policy in prominent positions on corresponding webpages.
To protect the User’s lawful rights and interests and the rights to use Perfect World’s Services completely, it is suggested that the User buy items and Services from the distributors designated by Perfect World.

9. Prohibition on Service Commercialization

The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that without PW’s prior consent, he/she should not use the Services of Perfect World for sale or other commercial purposes, and should not make a profit out of the Services of Perfect World in reality.

10. User Management

With a 4Games account, the User can upload any necessary information onto the server to use the Services. The User hereby authorizes Perfect World to use any information uploaded by the User for free.
The User shall undertake full liabilities for his/her uploaded content and information. The User shall comply with all local, national and international laws and regulations when using the Services. The User acknowledges and agrees that:
(1) When uploading any information or using 4Games Services, the User must observe the laws and regulations of Hong Kong SAR. If the User uses the 4Games Services outside Hong Kong, the User must observe all applicable local laws and all basic rules of etiquette and common courtesy when using the website and the Services. The content and information uploaded, copied posted or transferred by the User in 4Games or relating to PW’s Services shall not contain the following content:
(a) infringement on the intellectual property rights and copyrights of any third party or public/private rights;
(b) violation of any law or boni mores;
(c) content containing viruses, Trojans and time bombs that may impair or affect the stability of the computer system;
(d) content containing obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or the instigation of criminality;
(e) content involving threats, harassment, insults, slander/libel, racial discrimination or content that infringes on the legal rights of others;
(f) content that is forbidden by law or administrative regulations.
(2) The User must observe laws and regulations when using the bulletin boards (BBS) and IM Services. The User must obey the laws of other related countries and regions and proper international law when posting information on 4Games or using 4Games Services.
(3) The User shall not use PW’s Services for the following activities:
(a) accessing computer information network or using computer information resources without permission;
(b) deleting, modifying or adding computer information network function without permission;
(c) deleting, modifying or adding data and application programs that stored, processed in or transmitted in the computer information network without permission;
(d) deliberately creating and transmitting computer viruses or other destructive programs;
(e) using the service system for any illegal purpose;
(f) conducting other activities which harm the security of the computer information network.
(4) The User shall not interfere with the PW’s Services and shall not engage in the following activities:
(a) modifying, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, copying or distributing the websites of Perfect World and its software;
(b) taking any action which may cause abnormal operation of the Perfect World network service, including but not limited to, damaging or attacking the server or making the server overload;
(c) using a third-party software or with its assistance to get access to PW’s Services; taking any actions that may damage the rules or balance of the game;
(d) using any intellectual property right belongs to Perfect World to create or provide a similar network service without prior written permission from Perfect World, like a simulation server or private server;
(e) using the products and network service system of Perfect World to take any activities which may have a negative effect on the normal operation of the Internet or may prohibit other Users from enjoying the PW’s Services;
(f) transmitting any harassing, maligns, reviling, minatory, obscene, deceptive or other illegal information in Perfect World’s network service system;
(g) taking any actions against the interests of Perfect World via use of the Perfect World service system;
(h) using materials or information obtained from channels which are not assigned by Perfect World;
(i) communicating the Services, products and business consultation relating to PW or its business partners with other unit other than those specified customer service channels or other special channels; releasing bad publicity of Perfect World and its Services in public;
(j) obtaining virtual items, including but not limited to virtual currency, virtual props and equipment, in the game by violating the game rules and other improper ways;
(5) The User shall not misuse PW’s Services, including but is not limited to, sending junk mails or other actions which may infringe the intellectual property or legitimate interests of PW or others.
(6) The User shall maintain the security of his/her account use the account reasonably.
(a) To immediately notify PW of any unauthorized use of account or any other breach of security in relation to the account.
(b) To keep the security, it is recommend that not to exchange or transfer the right to use of virtual items in the game, including but not limited to virtual currency, virtual props and equipment.
(c) When the User account is suspected of account theft, the use of plug-ins or other illegal conducts, the User shall cooperate with Perfect World employees and answer questions raised by game management personnel related to the use of Perfect World products, so as to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of Users in the game.
(d) The User should protect their personal privacy when publishing information on 4Games, and shall not disclose or divulge ID information or other private information to others. User shall take full responsibilities for any disclosure of personal data of the User or a third party due to User’s fault.
(7) The User should comply with all regulations and procedures of PW.
Perfect World has the right to take any action according to the severity of the uploaded content, including but not limited to screening or deleting information uploaded by the User in line with the claim of right by a third party. The User understands that where Perfect World finds the information transmitted on its website clearly falls within the scope of the circumstances listed in Article (1) in the preceding paragraph, according to the law, Perfect World has the obligation to stop the transmission, keep relevant records, report to the relevant authorities, and delete URLs and catalogs containing the content or to shut down the server. Then the User shall bear legal liabilities, which including without limitations to indemnification for the victims, and indemnification for Perfect World equal to the amount that Perfect World initially paid in administrative penalties or infringement liabilities caused by the User’s actions.
The User shall also comply with the stipulations of this Article and the specific electronic bulletin service regulations released by Perfect World when using the electronic bulletin Services provided by Perfect World, including electronic bulletin board, electronic white board, electronic forum, network chatting room and message board and other interactive information posting methods. The legal consequences and liabilities described in the preceding paragraph are also applicable to the User using electronic bulletin services. If the User fails to comply with the aforementioned service terms, Perfect World will have the right to immediately cancel the User account at its own discretion .

11. Validity Period of the 4Games Account

The User acknowledges and agrees the 4Games account has its validity period and the User shall log in 4Games from time to time to extend the validity period.
The User acknowledges and agrees that Services provided by Perfect World is completely free until the 4Games account is recharged. Perfect World is entitled to terminate services to such account at any time according to operational requests due to cost restriction.
(1) General situations of service termination:
The User acknowledges and agrees that a 4Games Platform account may be deactivated if the User does not use the account or other Services for a consecutive 360 days (for paying users the period is calculated from the expiry date of the paid time) or the User has shut down the account, Perfect World is entitled to dispose relevant data of the account.
(2) Special circumstances of account cancellation and termination (i.e. the termination of validity period) and the termination of service
Perfect World is entitled to cancel the User’s account or terminate or suspend all or part of the Services, including but not limited to, termination of all or any accounts in the name of the User and banning the relevant characters from logging in, and withdraw any interests obtained by the User within the game via illegal activities at any time, if the User is conducting one or more actions as follows:
(a) breaching any rules of this Terms;
(b) misuse of the enjoyed rights;
(c) providing false registration information, including but not limited to ID and contact information;
(d) violating other service regulations issued by Perfect World or using PW’s Services via improper means;
(e) damaging the legal rights and interests of Perfect World and its rights-holders, affiliates, cooperating organizations as well as other users, including but not limited to, monopolization of game scenes, unreasonably preventing other Users from obtaining benefits in the game and any other actions that may do harm to the fairness or balance of the game;
(f) actions in violation of prohibitive provisions of laws and regulations of Hong Kong, including but not limited to the release of illegal information;
(g) actions in violation of good social customs and public morality;
(h) actions in violation of other relevant regulations set forth by Perfect World;
(i) In spite of the above violations, in the event that the User conducts any improper actions when accepting the PW’s Services; or conducts violating actions with one or multiple registered accounts, Perfect World is entitled to, based on the actual situation, suspend or terminate the service provided to any or all accounts under such User name, or cancel any or all accounts under such User name.
After a 4Games account is deleted, all account data and all relevant service materials and data of the account, including but not limited to basic information of the account, virtual data information, game account information, will be deleted at the same time and may not be recovered. The account name may be registered by any new User.

12. Network Service Suspend

Perfect World is entitled to, without giving prior notice, suspend network service provided in the event of the following circumstances, and PW shall bear no responsibilities to Users:
(1) To conduct, at regular intervals, necessary repair, maintenance and construction of the related web server, game server and official websites relevant to products and network service provided by other network equipment; the User can check the maintenance down time each day on the official website of Perfect World as well as game announcements;
(2) To conduct necessary repair, maintenance and construction of the related web server, game server and official websites relevant to products and network service provided by other network equipment at any time based on the judgment of Perfect World;
(3) Malfunction or failure of the software or hardware equipment of Perfect World, PW’s cooperating parties or telecommunication network systems or human mistake;
(4) Invasion or distortion, deletion, forgery or fabrication of the website data of Perfect World by others, or any other actions affecting the normal operation of the Perfect World computer system by others;
(5) Force majeure;
(6) Requirements of relevant authorities in accordance with laws or legal procedures;
(7) Other regulations based on laws or national policies.

13. Alteration and Termination of Network Service

The User can terminate the use of the PW’s network service at any time based on actual circumstances.
Perfect World retains the right to alter or terminate service at any time. The User acknowledges and agrees that Perfect World is entitled to exercise such a right without creating any responsibilities to the User or any third party.

14. Testing Server and Experiencing Server

The Testing Server refers to the server provided to the User with Services during the testing stages of its released game, including but not limited to Closed Beta Testing, Inner Testing and Open Beta Testing.
The Experiencing Server refers to the servers launched in some Perfect World games for testing the latest version of the game system and the stability of game contents. The User can experience the latest Services contents on the Experiencing Server.
All data in the Testing Server and Experiencing Server is beyond the scope of storage service. The User voluntarily accepts the following terms upon logging into the Testing Server or Experiencing Server and getting access to the game contents within such servers:
(1) Service contents in the Testing Server or Experiencing Server are informal versions and may be different from the formal service contents, thus, there may be instability or data loss. Perfect World shall not take any responsibilities for any abnormal conditions generated by the User participating in games in the Testing Server or Experiencing Server.
(2) Perfect World shall, from time to time, conduct maintenance of the Testing Server or Experiencing Server and delete or legally use all or part of the data, including but not limited to the character data, experience points, props and relevant records or information within the User account, in the Test Server and Experience Server.
(3) In the event of instability of the Testing Server and Experiencing Server, Perfect World is entitled not to provide various customer Services as provided on the official websites.
(4) Perfect World shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by anyone logging in or accepting the Services provided by the Testing Server or Experiencing Server.

15. Links and Advertising Information

Links provided on relevant webpages of 4Games may link to any personal, corporate or organizational websites. The purpose of providing these links is to facilitate the search and acquisition of information. Perfect World shall not guarantee the authenticity, integrity, timeliness or reliability of the products, services or information provided by such linked personal, corporate or organizational websites; and there is no employment, appointment, proxy, partnership or other similar relationship between Perfect World and such persons, corporations or organizations.
Perfect World may release commercial advertisements or other  promotional information in relevant spots during the process of providing 4Games Services. Contents of these commercial advertisements or other promotional information shall be provided by the advertising company and services providers that shall undertake relevant responsibilities as well. The 4Games is only a medium for releasing such advertising information. In the event of a product or service purchase by the User via the 4Games or the links thereon, the transaction shall only happen between the User and the product or service provider. Perfect World  shall not undertake any responsibilities toward the transaction between the User and the product or service provider.

16. Liabilities

The User acknowledges and agrees to protect and maintain the interests of Perfect World and other Users and the User shall indemnifies Perfect World or any third party from any breach of this Terms, including but not limited to, litigation costs, attorney fees, real damages and other costs.
The User acknowledges and agrees to compensate the parent company, subsidiaries, related enterprises, employees and all related staff of Perfect World for all damage and responsibilities incurred due to the User’s violation of the relevant laws, regulations and terms hereunder.

17. Disclaimer of Guarantees

The User acknowledges and agrees that any information uploaded, posted or sent via the 4Games or messages, materials, words, software, music, audio information, photos, pictures, video information, information, registered data and other data of the User (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”), whether in public or private, shall be responsible by the Contents provided. Perfect World can neither control the Contents sent via 4Games, nor comprehensively control the actions of the User. Perfect World makes no guarantee for the legitimacy, accuracy, integrity, authenticity or quality of the Contents. The User is aware of the possibility of encountering with undesirable, inappropriate or offensive Contents when using PW’s Services, and agrees to undertake all the risks based on his/her own discretion and judgment, not relying on Perfect World.
The User acknowledges and agrees to undertake the risks of using PW’s Services. The 4Games account and PW’s Services are provided as the “current” state to the User.  To the greatest extent permitted by applicable laws , Perfect World shall not provide, whether explicit or implied, any guarantees, including but is not limited to, guarantees and responsibilities regarding marketability, applicability, reliability, accuracy, integrity as well as virus-free or error-free Services to the User.
To the greatest extent permitted by applicable laws, Perfect World shall not guarantee the satisfaction of the User via use of the Services provided and shall not guarantee the non-interruption of network Services. In addition, Perfect World shall not guarantee the timeliness, security, occurrence of errors and the accurate, timely, smooth delivery of information. Perfect World refuses to provide any guarantee, including guarantees as to the accuracy, timeliness and smoothness of delivery of information. The User acknowledges and accepts that the downloading or acquisition of any information via PW’s Services is up to the User himself/herself, and any other risks with respect to system damage, data loss and other risks shall be borne by the User himself/herself. Perfect World provides no guarantee for any purchase service of products and transaction processes that take place via the service network.
To the greatest extent permitted by the applicable laws, Perfect World may not be held responsible for any accidental, indirect, special or mediate damage or claims, including but not limited to compensation for damage arising out of personal injury, privacy leak, failure to fulfill any responsibilities including faith or reasonable discretion, mistakes and money losses,  incurred due to the usage of, or related to PW’s Services by the User.
Perfect World expressly indicates that it shall not provide guarantees of any kind, whether express or implied. Perfect shall not guarantee the satisfaction of the User through use of the Services provided or non-interruption of the network service. In addition, as to service, Perfect World shall not provide guarantees with regard to timeliness, security, authenticity or occurrence of errors. The User shall not receive oral or written opinion or information from Perfect World. Perfect World is also not hereby providing any express guarantee.

18. Disclaimer of Warranties

Perfect World shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damage caused by improper using of Services, purchasing of products or similar Services online, online trade, illegal use of Services or changes in information sent by the User. The aforesaid damages will jeopardize the image of Perfect World, and Perfect World has already put forward the possibility of their occurrence.
Perfect World shall not be responsible for service interruption, content loss, illegible code, garbled-reception, failure of reception or delay in reception due to malfunctions, technical defects and coverage limits of network provided by domestic and overseas telecom operators, force majeure, computer viruses, hacking, location of the User, User's shutdown or other causes beyond the capacity of PW’s technologies.

19. Waiver

Failure or delay on the part to exercise any right under this Terms or applicable laws and regulations shall not operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right preclude further exercise thereof or exercise of any other right.

20. Disputes Resolution and Governing Laws

The validity, construction, and performance of this Services and corresponding rights and obligations shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong SAR, without regard to principles of conflicts of law. Any dispute or controversy arising out of or relating to the Terms, or Services, shall be solely submitted to a court located in Hong Kong SAR, which shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over the dispute or controversy.
Any conflict between the content and applicable law, the law shall prevail. Perfect World will redefine or modify the corresponding terms, and other terms shall remain effective to the User.

21. Information Storage and Related Intellectual Property

Perfect World shall do its best to ensure the security and convenience of the 4Games Services. However, PW shall not be responsible for any information deletion or storage failure incurred during the Services, including but not limited to information released by the User. In addition, Perfect World retains the right to determine whether the action of the User is consistent with the requirements of this Terms, and in case of any violation, Perfect World is entitled to suspend or terminate the corresponding 4Games Services.
In consideration of User’s use of the Services, once the Content is posted on 4Games,  the User or the copyright owner hereby grants a eternal, free of charge right of exclusive use and profit of User Contents posted, but the User or copyright owner still owns the copyright to the works.

22. Delivery and Notice

All notices in this Terms shall be released by important web announcement, e-mail or regular mail and other ways. And those notices shall be deemed received at the time of delivery.

23. Miscellaneous Provisions

The contents, charging standard, charging method, service fee and service terms relating to Services shall be determined by the latest notice released by Perfect World.
If any part, term, or provision of this Terms is invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect or impair the validity, legality, or enforceability of any other part, term, or provision of this Terms.
For any comments and suggestions about the Services or the Terms, please email to PW’s Customer Service Department via: CS@4games.com.

This Terms is written in Chinese and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the Chinese version and the translated version, the Chinese version shall prevail.